Are you involved in Youth Ministry and need some input?

If you’re in the Youth Ministry world – this one’s for you!

From a church’s perspective, when you’re working with kids and teens and even young adults, in the end it’s all about mentoring. We say that because, when you think about it, every youth ministry exists to guide kids from wherever they are to somewhere the leaders of the ministry believes they should be. From “lost” and “wordly” to “saved” and “godly”. From the spaces where they are influenced by bad habits to spaces where they’re taught moral principles. From schools, malls and clubs to homecells, youth events and youth-oriented church services. From destructive behaviours to being planet shakers and history makers. All over the world youth pastors/leaders/ministers/priests are pouring everything they have into the lives of young people.

If you’re a part of this energy – check out these resources!

Understand the scientific dynamics of journeying with someone, here’s research on mentoring in different contexts:

Here’s really cool material that considers the home and church to develop the young person:

More specifically for our Afrikaans friends, here’s a wide variety of materials to develop your youth:

We really enjoyedthis material; Odos gives us fun and intercative lessons to explore and get to know the Bible:

We discovered this resource for youth ministry and loved the amount of stuff available, from games to small group training and material, everything you need to boost you creative juices:

We hope you found a thing or two among these resources that gave your creative sparks a jolt. Check back regurarly for more resources for mentoring the youth!

And remember, the Youth is the Future and the Future is NOW!!

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