"Social welfare & Psychological services in South Africa are completely overwhelmed. We need to focus on prevention rather than cure. We need to address the fundamental causes of youth developmental problems. The fundamental problem facing our youth today is the lack of positive developmental parenting and supporting relationships" Gert JPJ van der Merwe (Ph.D)

The only real way to change our communities,

is to empower our youth

to serve before they become leaders, by being mentored before they become parents, by being guided before they become adults, to belong before they can dream

and we'll help you develop your youth comprehensively through structured one to one mentoring programs 

There are over 58 million of us in South Africa

of us are "youth"
start School
finish matric
face life-altering challenges
receive the guidance they need

We trained a group of teachers in the fundamentals of Holistic Preventative One-to-One Mentoring Networks. 88.6% of these teachers are of the opinion that it will make a difference in their schools. Parenting, leadership development and value based school culture are the aspects in greatest need of implementation. All these aspects form part of our HP1-1SMN youth development programs!

Stats SA 2016 Community Survey

We are guiding the youth
themselves and others

Facilitators are equipped to launch internationally recognized leadership development programs which helps young people understand and master the skills to effectively lead themselves and others. 

We are empowering
local schools

We are creating opportunities
for INVESTMENT in local schools through mentoring

Do you need new ideas or tools?

Young people are running into walls and seem to be very confused. This could be because they struggle to see where life is headed. Loss of vision usually leads to loss of hope and direction. Before you tumble down the well of despair, read on...there's hope!! We were fortunate to partner with One Hope to roll out the LEAD Today leadership development program. In just 6 months we've seen teens make 180 degree turns and schools feel the impact real life leaders can …

Let them Lead themselves into bright futures today!

If you're in the Youth Ministry world - this one's for you! From a church's perspective, when you're working with kids and teens and even young adults, in the end it's all about mentoring. We say that because, when you think about it, every youth ministry exists to guide kids from wherever they are to somewhere the leaders of the ministry believes they should be. From "lost" and "wordly" to "saved" and "godly". From the spaces where they are influenced by …

Are you involved in Youth Ministry and need some input?

Life can get overwhelming. Especially for young people. Without the much needed perspective, any situation can be perceived as "too much to handle". As mentors we have to provide our mentees with "Handles". A handle gives you control and makes you feel safe. So how do we do this? We help them break life down into chewable sizes. For this we like use Scaling Questions. Here's a great tool to use to get your mentee talking. We call it the Scaling Questions. It's …

Tools to get them talking…