Month: Jun 2018

Are you involved in Youth Ministry and need some input?

If you’re in the Youth Ministry world – this one’s for you! From a church’s perspective, when you’re working with kids and teens and even young adults, in the end it’s all about mentoring. We say that because, when you think about it, every youth ministry exists to guide kids from wherever they are to …

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When presentations work.

Are your presentations killing your crowds? According to research your presentations can be unbelievable! The trick however is to apply the right principles when setting up your slides. From contrasting to the perfect amount of bullets per slide, this resource will help you create breathtaking and effective presentations. enjoy!

We’re loving Dude Perfect!!

Check out this awesome Youtube channel that will have crowds stopping and starring! A group of friends achieve the most intense and impossible trick shots,among other things, and manages to provide hours of entertainment. Dude Perfect is clean, exhilarating fun and it’s astounding! Perfect for background entertainment at youth events, or for showing before events …

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