Apart form online resources, we offer
live training and workshops as well

What can you expect?

There’s only so much creativity in each of us. The Resources area is a space where we can share and curate brilliant ideas, see what’s working in other spheres, explore high quality material and get exposure to a world of tools to help us better serve our communities.

Let's dig in, there's a lot to learn

We share models, ideas, material, videos, songs…anything we have found and heard about that helps you do what you do better. 

Strategies & Models

What is your “WHY”, “HOW” and “WHAT”? How are you approaching the spaces where you serve? See a few proven models and strategies that might help clarify your message and enlarge your impact.


Wherever you are talking in front of people, communicating with colleagues, giving talks at schools or public events or just inspiring someone to live up to their potential, we have frameworks, ideas, topics, and more to help you create an engaging and high quality talk.

Research and Development

Although we don’t have a lot of research done in South Africa regarding mentoring and mentoring programs, there’s much to learn from our global partners.


Videos and music are an essential tool when serving a visual generation.  Are you creating or curating any inspiring, relevant or useful multimedia that you can share with us? We have a few to share as well.

Conferences & training

Come join us to pick up new skills and evidence-based practices that will empower you to serve your community with high quality content, material and skills.

Programming & Events

What are you doing at weekly meetings or events that’s engaging, creative and fun? People are coming up with the most inventive ideas for ice breakers, games or activities and programs. Check out what we’ve gathered and please share yours.

Random entertainment

Check out Dude Perfect! They’re a bunch of friends with an unbelievable array of skills, and not the type that’ll make you yawn. In fact, you’ll be gasping through most of the tricks and incredible shots they accomplish with balls, pens, cups, arrows, marbles…you name it, they’ve probably impressed you with it. It’s a fun resources to use as background entertainment at events.

Watch Now

setting the standard

The impact of any professional industry is subject to the standards its practices adhere to. We strive to keep pushing the bar when it comes to best practices in youth development.  Join us at any one of our training events or conferences to share your insights and be empowered to raise your programs to a next level.

are you presenting like a pro?

Are your PowerPoint slides and presentations making the impact you’re expecting of them? Are you using color contrasts and psychological research to setup the screens above and around you to support your talk, or are you victim to death by PowerPoint?

Do you have any useful resources to share?