Hope for the Future

Investor breakfast 5 February 2020 Ekurhuleni

"We cannot always build a future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future” Franklin D. Roosevelt

With more than 14 million children in our schools, of which FutureNow have direct access to 266 000 children in Ekurhuleni, we have the opportunity to build our youth for the Future. Join us for a special breakfast where we will table an exciting Youth Development program. Specifically designed for South Africa, HP1-1SMN provides new solutions to the problems we face today. We know this will excite you about the Future…

We estimate that between 62% and 75% of our children are not being mentored

No mentoring - No Future

The only way to address the existing developmental issues most children (62-75%) are facing in schools, are to address the fundamental causes of the problems.

In short, the fundamental cause for most (if not all) of our socio-economic problems, is the lack of positive parenting. We literally have to teach our children the basics of relationships to address the root-cause of the problems we face.
The sad reality is that there are no quick fixes. Our society has lost the ability to hand over basic principals of relationships which is essential to be able to establish a sense of belonging, purpose and direction in life.
Simply put: Everything in our lives center around relationships – and we’ve lost the basic ability to do relationships well!

Strategically, we have to understand that relationships can only be taught in relationships. The complex nature of establishing, building and maintaining relationships demands that we create safe and positive spaces in which children can learn the basics of relationships.

Holistic Preventative Youth Development through Structured one-to-one Mentoring Networks