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LEAD Today Student Guide Order form and Activity Report

Fill out this form to let us know where and when you're LEAD Today course will be taking place. Remember to specify the amount of student guides you need!

Once you've filled out the order form, here are some files you're going to need:


A handy "How to" Guide for planning and organizing a LEAD Today course in your congregation, local school and community.


After completing the 16 week course, download and complete the quality control checklist and send all the relevant documents in order to receive your Student Certificates PDF

What are the “relevant documents” we need?


We love to hear the stories of those who experienced the course, please share videos, posts or audio files on our Facebook or Instagram pages AND Email the Feedback Form to info@futurenow.org.za.

Attendance Register

Send us your up-to-date Attendance Register Excel document.

For students to qualify for a certificate, they must have attended at least 70% of the course. This means attending 12 out of the 16 sessions. 

It's also important that students should not miss more than 2 consecutive sessions. Because the material makes time for revision of the previous week's content, the student could be accommodated if they missed a session.

SignUp Form

For research and quality purposes we need your initial Signup Form please.

We are trying to get an idea of how many students start and finish the courses. In the end it's about providing the best possible service to our teens.