we can change the world

We just need to establish strategic partnerships and invest our energy 

where it matters…the youth

The things we do best

Effective Mentoring

Youth Mentors utilize the latest, evidence-based and researched mentoring techniques to guide young people on their developmental journeys.

Building Relationships

Youth Mentors are trained to establish mentoring relationships that form the foundation for growth and development.

Holistic approaches

Youth Mentors consider every aspect of the learner in their approach to support stable growth in young people.

what people are saying

Hold on, we’re not trying to sell you on any products. Instead, here are some people that has seen this program do what we’re claiming.

A Youth Mentor is someone they [youth] can look up to, someone who looks after them with unconditional love and is sensitive to their emotions
LS Westwood, Boksburg
To be a Youth Mentor is to be a supportive leader for our youth in schools.
HS Brandwag, Benoni
It's a blessing for me to be a "safe place" for the kids, where we share in the sadness, frustrations and happiness of life.
LS Northmead, Benoni
Relationships are at the center of youth development, it is the channel through which we learn to love...
HS Oosterland, Secunda

your community needs mentors

The need is real, whether we want to admit it or not, and young people can greatly benefit form mentors helping them reach their potential!